Pro-Tek Products is a leader in providing chemical specialties to manufacturing. Pro-Tek provides a complete line of metal working fluids: soluble oils, semi-synthetic as well as synthetic coolants for all cutting, drilling and grinding applications. For forming Pro-Tek stamping, drawing and vanishing compounds meet all needs from blanking to deep draw. Pro-Tek in process cleaners are available for spray wash, ultrasonic, immersion and hot tank applications to remove all types of soils from rust and corrosion to lubricants and buffing compounds. To complete your processing Pro-Tek rust inhibitors provide rust and corrosion prevention.

In the area of plant maintenance Pro-Tek provides aqueous, semi –aqueous and solvent cleaners for the removal of oils, rust and corrosion. The Pro Strip removes paint and powder coating from paint hooks and coatings of all types from equipment and parts.


Product Lines

Metal Working Fluids

Stamping and Drawings

Process Cleaners

Rust Inhibitors

Coating Removers



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